Policy Brief: Peace and the private sector: Opportunities for private sector involvement in peacebuilding

The private sector is a vast and often untapped resource for peacebuilding efforts. The need for a sustainable business-peacebuilding nexus is amplified by existential threats such as climate change coupled with dwindling resources available for peacebuilding initiatives. There is well-established evidence and data that support the notion that peace is good for business and a growing desire to implement business practices to develop an environment where business is good for peace.

The specific recommendations suggested in this paper on how businesses can contribute to peacebuilding include: continuing to invest further in risk management and “do no harm” responsible business practices; leveraging corporate resources to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and the eight pillars of Positive Peace (IEC) by corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability efforts; to support, through grants and donations, arms-length, independent peacebuilding organizations; to build social cohesion and community connections by dialogue initiatives; and to lend technology and innovation to build peace. Traditional peacebuilding powers such as governments and multilateral organizations must welcome the private sector as a valuable partner in global peacebuilding efforts by providing space, research, data, and education to encourage more private sector partnerships for peace.

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