Canadian roots. Global reach.

As a Canadian organization, we build on our unique international role as well as our deeply rooted values of impartiality, inclusion and tolerance to foster constructive dialogue around the world.

Impact through research. Research through impact.

By taking our research into practical dialogue settings, we gain insights from the conflict dynamics themselves and apply these new understandings back to our research, challenging assumptions in the field and generating innovative ideas.

Responding to needs. Fostering ownership.

We design dialogue-based processes that respond to the expressed needs of our participants so that they can develop sustainable solutions that are truly their own.

Independent thinking. Impartial action.

As an independent, university-based organization, we design and run quiet processes that give all parties unimpeded space to explore new and difficult terrain, without favoring a particular side or outcome.

ServicesWhat We Do

Ottawa Dialogue taps into the knowledge and experience of its facilitators as well as the rich subject-matter expertise of its network to offer tailored services to its partners and participants.

November 23, 2021 

The Ottawa Dialogue Occasional Paper series is intended to respond to timely issues with commentary and ideas which arise from […]

November 3, 2021  |   Ottawa Dialogue News

Ottawa Dialogue’s Head of Research, Dr. Julia Palmiano Federer, has recently written a review essay entitled “Toward a Normative Turn […]

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