THE POWER TO PROTECT: Climate Change, Intersectional Environmentalism and the Leadership of Indigenous Women

Water has memory. Water connects us. Water is life. Water as confluence.

Come journey with us as we dive deep into the nexus between gender, climate change and contentious sites of conflict and insecurity beyond traditional armed conflicts. Our epic journey across Turtle Island and into Sápmi over the last year has found us immersed in many waters, making relations and showing up in community to be in a place of learning through ceremony, storytelling, conversation, and sitting together in circle, grounded in many Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Being and Doing. We are honoured to share what has been shared with us by powerful Indigenous and non-Indigenous women and girls who are leading significant changes in their communities.

The teachings we have received came through as teachings of the waters. Water has memory. Water connects us. Water is life. Water is confluence. Come, dive in with us!

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The research was made possible through the Women, Peace and Security Awards Program supported by IDRC and Global Affairs Canada and is meant to strengthen the implementation of the women, peace and security agenda of the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 in the Global North and the Global South. We are beyond grateful!