Occasional Paper: Rebuilding Prospects for Peace in Post-Coup Myanmar

Women play an important role in peacebuilding in Myanmar. Over the years, women have led and contributed to civil society processes advocating for comprehensive peace. In a state marked with inter-ethnic tensions, women have been fostering back-channel negotiations, and leveraging traditional roles to build peace locally. They also engaged in capacity-building for women leaders, advised negotiators, and advocated for the inclusion of women representatives, aiming for a 30% participation rate in official political dialogues. Finally, women’s “insider” and diasporic organizations leveraged international frameworks such as CEDAW or UNSCR 1325 to advance the Women, Peace, and Security agenda. Nevertheless, numerous cultural and structural barriers persistently hinder most women from participating meaningfully in formal peace processes and political arenas.

Ottawa Dialogue is pleased to publish this occasional paper (annotated bibliography) titled “Rebuilding Prospects for Peace in Post-Coup Myanmar” to improve the scholarly understanding of women’s involvement in peace processes in Myanmar since 2021 and to investigate any research gap to this extent.

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