Mediation & Dialogue

Ottawa Dialogue designs and implements tailored, discreet dialogue processes in a variety of conflict settings on semi-official or non-official levels. We engage local expertise to develop the process and recruit the right participants. Ottawa Dialogue then facilitates the discussions, encouraging a problem-solving, analytic approach conducive to developing new ideas and solutions. 

Finally, we support participants in transferring those ideas and solutions to the right centres of decision-making, or to the public discourse, as appropriate for the specific situation. Throughout the entire process, we place particular importance on gaining and holding the trust of those in the dialogue by emphasising respect, impartiality and discretion.


Ottawa Dialogue’s consultation services help organizations and decision makers find solutions to problems and build consensus around difficult issues. By leveraging its skills and experience as third-party facilitators and designing customized processes, Ottawa Dialogue is positioned to most effectively support its clients in achieving their objectives.

Services include:

  • Convening expert panels and working groups
  • Delivering third-party facilitation services to consultations
  • Advising on mediation or dialogue process design
  • Providing mediation support to formal processes

Research & Analysis

In addition to producing leading academic research in the field of Track Two Diplomacy and facilitated dialogue, Ottawa Dialogue offers a range of action-oriented research services to decision-makers and conflict stakeholders. Our staff and extensive network of experts work closely with clients to understand their needs as well as their decision-making context. On that basis, Ottawa Dialogue produces the in-depth studies and analytical reports that serve those needs.

Services include:

  • Political economy analysis and conflict mapping
  • Conflict- and context-specific training with respect to dialogue processes
  • Research on regional security issues,
    arms control, strategic and nonproliferation issues, and more