Policy Brief #5: “Local peace actors and external funding mechanisms: Towards greater agency for local actors?” by Dr. Margarita Tadevosyan

The Ottawa Dialogue Policy Brief series is intended to stimulate discussion around key issues in the field of Track Two Diplomacy. They are published three times a year and are written by leaders in the field. The fourth Policy Brief of the series is written by Dr. Margarita Tadevosyan.

This Policy Brief seeks to improve understandings of the role and impact that international donors have on shaping local peace approaches in a given context. It also presents recommendations on how to develop constructive synergies between local and international actors in a way that is based on shared understanding and complementarity, and a way that is egalitarian and emancipatory in nature.

The authors of each Policy Brief are entirely responsible for its content. The author can be contacted at mtadevos@gmu.edu.

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