Occasional Paper: “Indigenous Knowledge and Conflict Resolution: An Annotated Bibliography,” by Ms. Lena Dedyukina

The Ottawa Dialogue Occasional Paper series is intended to respond to timely issues with commentary and ideas which arise from the work of our organization as well as provide reflection space for those working in the field. Your feedback and comments are welcome and may be sent to the Ottawa Dialogue at OttawaDialogue@uottawa.ca. The author(s) of each Paper are entirely responsible for its content.

This annotated bibliography is the first published work from Ottawa Dialogue’s research project, “Conflict Resolution” in Canada/Turtle Island: Towards New Spaces for Dialogue,” (shortened in this bibliography to “The Turtle Island Project,” nodding to the largely North American focus of our research, a continent traditionally known as Turtle Island by many Indigenous Nations). This research was conducted in the framework of the  Faculty of Social Sciences Research Group Program at the University of Ottawa. Ms. Dedyukina is the Graduate Research Assistant for this project, and this work has informed our early work on this grant.

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