Event on February 6th: “Let’s Talk About Conflict” with the Philipp University of Marburg

The “Let’s Talk About Conflict” colloquium series by the Center for Conflict Studies at The Philipp University of Marburg will host Julia Palmiano Federer (Head of Research, Ottawa Dialogue & Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Ottawa) and Lior Lehrs (Hebrew University of Jerusalem & Ottawa Dialogue Policy Brief Contributor) on February 6th, 2023!

Dr. Palmiano Federer will present a lecture entitled “The Rise of Track Two Diplomacy: Are Unofficial Dialogues the Future of Peacemaking?”

Dr. Lehrs will present a lecture entitled “Unofficial peace diplomacy: Private peace entrepreneurs in conflict resolution processes”

Find more info here & reach out to kampf@staff.uni-marburg.de for information on digital participation!

Click here for more information. from the Philipp University of Marburg.